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What's New Calender of Events
14 October 2015   18:15 - 21:00   Maxwell Auditorium
Science Centre Singapore, Omni-Theatre and KidsSTOP
Science Centre (including the Curiosity Shop), Omni-Theatre and KidsSTOP are closed for maintenance on the following dates in 2016: 4 Jan; 1 Feb; 7 Mar; 4 Apr; 9 May; 11 Jul; 1 Aug; 4 Oct; 7 Nov; 5 Oct; 2 Nov.
Stargazing Sessions
Stargazing Sessions will be closed on 9 & 16 Oct 2015 due to poor weather conditions. The two sessions of "Constellations & Chinese folklore" talk on 9 October will be postponed to 6 November. Digital Planetarium 8pm ...
Kindly note that Snow City remains open during its renovations from Jul to Oct (except on its scheduled closures on 28 Sep & 5 Oct).
Visitors can now purchase special discounted tickets at the Snow City ticketing counter till 15 Oct 2015.
  • 1 hour snow play - $10 (child/adult)
  • 2 hours snow play - $19 adult; $16 child
For updated information, ...

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