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28 November 2014 - 29 November 2014   15:00 - 14:00   Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition (Annexe hall) @ Science Centre
You have received an urgent signal from Cybertron: “The Allspark is… the Allspark is…. there…”

Time is crucial. Return to Earth to join your team of transformers and retrieve the AllSpark. But you are not alone... Strange signals of other transformers are near, whom you have never heard of…

Join the green or blue transformers team in this upcoming Transformer sleepover camp! Participants will learn how to build and programme ...
28 November 2014   09:30 - 12:30   Science Centre Singapore

Someone has been murdered at the barber shop and it’s your job to uncover the mystery! Do you dream of becoming a detective or a forensic scientist? If your answer is yes then come on down to the DNA lab to learn the different forensic science techniques in this fun-filled workshop.

Solve the crime like a forensic scientist in this workshop by learning microscopy and fingerprint dusting techniques!

Target group: 9-12 year ...

26 November 2014   09:30 - 12:30   Science Centre Singapore
Paints are found everyday around us – they make objects attractive, prevent rusting and brighten up our lives. In this lesson, we are going to explore how people in the past made paints, as well chemical methods of preparing paint pigments. At the end of the lesson, use the paints you prepared to create your very own masterpiece to bring home!
Discover your inner artist as you learn more about ...
25 November 2014   09:00 - 17:00   Science Centre Singapore
Come satisfy your child's curiosity and spark their creativity in Science Centre's - Let's Explore Science with Mind Maps workshop! Spend an interesting and fun day with the experts at the Science & Mind Map Camp this November.
Closing date for registration: 7 Nov 2014 (Friday). For more information on registration ...
To celebrate and honour our Pioneer Generation,  Science Centre Singapore is offering free admission to all Singapore citizens aged 65 years and above from Friday, 18 July 2014 until 31 December 2014.
They simply need to produce their NRIC at the ticketing counter to enjoy the offer.
Please note that this offer is for free admission to the Science Centre only, and not applicable to ...
Transformers Exhibition
The Transformers exhibition is closed on 5 January 2015.
Human Body Experience exhibition
The Human Body Experience exhibition is closed on the following dates for maintenance in 2014: 20 Oct; 17 Nov; 15 Dec. The closure dates in 2015 are: 5 Jan; 9 Feb; 9 Mar; 20 Apr; 11 May; 25 May; 29 Jun; 27 Jul; 17 Aug; 21 Sep; 12 Oct; 16 ...

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