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The Tinkering Studio is a recently opened up exhibition that provides a space that invites you to think with your hands and embark on a fun journey of experimentation. Find new ways to use familiar and unfamiliar materials, go through the trial-and-error process, and be amazed with your very own creations!
Click here for information on the Tinkering Studio.

E3 seamlessly blends and combines different virtual reality technologies to create a fully immersive experience. E3 explores undiscovered frontiers by “transporting” visitors to environments not easily accessible in the physical world.

Click here to find out more about the E3 exhibition.

Watch out for all-new blockbuster exhibition
Board our vessel and be transported into the unknown ocean at the Monsters of the Sea exhibition, open since 30 October 2015 at Science Centre. Get immersed in a dimension where prehistoric creatures exist alongside other sea animals.
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Did our ancestors live alongside the dinosaurs?
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