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KidsSTOPTM  School Programmes 


Free play booking is a 2hr free and easy play time session which allow children to learn about science elements through purposeful play. Our 18 interactive and engaging exhibits introduce the concepts of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through play and thematic zones.


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Science Play


Science play booking is inclusive of 45min facilitated programme and 1hr 15min free play time. Using creative drama and hands-on activities to communicate and teach science to young children, our programmes are structured around concepts based on the different zones at KidsSTOP™. We aim to make learning positive, enjoyable and impactful for young children and inspire continuous engagement with science through activities such as interactive story-telling, role play, puppetry, games, experiments and demonstrations.Back to Top

Pre-nursery/Nursery (3 – 4 years old)

My Wonderful Body
Ever wonder what your body can do?  Do you know the different parts of the human body? My Wonderful Body is a fun-filled programme for children aged 3 to 4 year olds. Designed for children to learn the different parts of the body and what they can do, this programme also encourages children to express their creativity through role play and develop their motor skills through music and movement.

Go Bananas
Go bananas is a dynamic programme designed specially for children aged 3-4 years old. Children’s knowledge about fruits will be enhanced through this multi-sensory lesson. Each child will acquire scientific skills such as observing, predicting, classifying and sorting.  They will learn about colours, shapes and sizes as well as taste through a fun and exciting journey! 

Animal Kingdom Fun
Join us on an adventure in the amazing animal kingdom! Mimic how animals move and learn about their different features through stories and puppet play. Children will get the opportunity to interact with small animals and learn about their interesting lives.

Fun in Motion
Go on an exciting trip across land, sea and the skies! Let the children's imagination soar as we explore places in different modes of transportation and discover how different kinds of transportation work. Children will learn how floatation, wheels and wings are used in different vehicles.

Under the Sea
Join us on a fascinating journey to explore the underwater realm! Discover big and small living things and be enthralled by the exciting life under the sea! Children will be engaged with stories, songs as well as hands-on activites and learn about the role that they can play in marine conservation. Back to Top

K1/K2 (5-6 years old)

Sky Explorer – Space and Flight
Sky Explorer! is a fun-filled flight programme designed for kids aged 5- 6.  Children will learn about living things that fly as well as different types of man-made flight machines. Children will create simple flight machines and put them to test in the Space and Flight zone’s powerful wind tubes.

Dino Rumble – Fossil Dig
Dino Rumble! is an exciting programme designed for kids aged 5- 6.  Children learn about dinosaurs and their characteristics and compare them with modern-day reptiles. They also get to engage in role-play, group games and complete the programme with a visit to the Dino Pit!

Job Express
Fly a plane, whip up a delicious meal, make a movie or paint a masterpiece! Using dramatic play, learn the skills and science behind different occupations through fun-filled activities that wil enhance inquiry skills , encourage self-expression and develop confidence.

Yummy Food
A programme for children to learn about the different food groups and healthy eating in a fun and engaging way! Children gain an insight into what makes a good balanced diet and learn about the properties of the different food groups through stories, games and exciting activities.

Creepy Crawly Adventure
Insects, bugs and worms! Learn all about their characteristics, life cycles as well as habitats and have an amazing time exploring the creepy crawly world in this programme that promises fun and excitement!Back to Top

School Booking Form

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Calendar of Programmes' Bookings

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KidsSTOP™ Outreach Programmes 


KidsSTOP™ Comes to You! an Outreach Programmes for Young Children

KidsSTOP™ Outreach Programmes aims to spark young children’s interest in learning about STEM concepts through an enjoyable way. It includes a 20 min performance and a 30 min hands-on activity. Delivering STEM concepts through music, drama and play, young children will understand scientific concepts through bite-sized learning with the founders of KidsSTOP™.

KidsSTOP™ Comes to You! will be conducted in your school, and is curated for young children age 6 years and below.Back to Top


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Outreach Programmes

Perfect Butter (Kitchen Science)
Upon arriving at Miss Train Conductor’s house, Belle’s stomach started growling loudly because she has skipped her breakfast this morning. As going on an empty stomach is never a good idea, Jo and Ms Train Conductor decided to make Belle some delicious butter sandwiches. However, Ms Train Conductor realised that she has ran out of butter! Come and help Jo and Belle make the perfect butter with just one ingredient.
In this performance, children will be involved in the butter making process and gain insight into the science behind it!

I Spy with My Eyes (The Human Body)
Miss Train Conductor has misplaced her Golden Spectacles! Her vision is blurred without it and she needs to have it back soon! Join Win, Pepper and Miss Train Conductor as they head to the magical playground to search for Ms Train Conductor’s Golden Spectacles.
In this performance, children will discover and learn more about the human eyes, as well as the ways to take good care of them.

The Amazing Cabbage (Food Fun)
Miss Train Conductor brings Win and Pepper to her kitchen after having a long and fun day at KidsSTOP™. While waiting for Miss Train Conductor to whip up a feast, Win gets into trouble by messing up with Miss Train Conductor’s cabbage soup. Witness how Pepper gets Win out of trouble.
In this performance, children will be exposed to pH indicators and acquire skills such as observing, identifying and predicting.

Outreach Booking Form

Registration is now open for programmes starting from February 2018 onwards.

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